Ediciones Limitadas Certificadas series de 25 copias originales mundiales por obra de arte con certificado de autenticidad del artista, mas de 2000 0bras de Arte disponibles.

Certified Limited Editions, series of 25 original worldwide copies by artwork with the artist's certificate of authenticity, more than 2000 artworks available

Artwork Guerra contra la Humanidad: 80 cm x 120 cm digital oil painting, printed in canvas

by - 14.11.20


Artworks of Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia Painter of Modern and Contemporary Art

The pictorial works of the Painter of Modern and Contemporary Art, Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia, are original copies worldwide of limited edition, Printed on Canvas, with the author's certificate. - Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia (Argentina, 1971) Argentine Painter -

Price:  U$s 790 (Dollars USA) Free Shipping

Style: Modern and Contemporary Art 

Technique: brush and pixel (Work original sketch in physical and painted in digital oil)

Size: 80 cm x 120 cm -Support: digital oil painting, printed in Canva -Shipping: rolled in a tube -Certification of Authenticity attached of the Artist - www.abufaisalsergiotapia.art 

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